Fall 2022 Dance, Gymnastics, Aerial & Circus Classes


MAKE UP CLASSES MUST BE SCHEDULED BEFORE YOUR SESSION ENDS.  If you schedule a make up and miss it you forfeit your make up.

Session 1 -  Aug 13-Oct 9  (Tuesday- Sunday: 8 weeks. Monday: 7 weeks)

Monday Dance 7 weeks                    $105.00

Tuesday-Sunday Dance  8 weeks     $120.00

Monday Aerial 7 weeks                     $175.00

Tuesday-Sunday Aerial 8 weeks      $200.00

Circus Arts 8 weeks                           $136.00

Complete Circus Training Aug 31-Dec 8 $650.00 SEE FULL DETAILS HERE

(no class  Nov. 11, 23 & 24. Dec 2 & 9)

Session 2 -  Oct 10-Dec 18  ( 9 weeks. No Class 11/21-11/25 & 11/12-11/13)

Dance  9 weeks                                  $135.00

Aerial 9 weeks                                   $225.00

Circus Arts 9 weeks                          $151.00

WE HAVE ROLLING ENROLLMENT - You do not need to wait for the beginning of the session to start. So long as there is room in a class, you can enroll.


  • Starting this fall session we will allow families inside the facility only as space allows. If seats are not available in the lobby or in the back hall that means we are at capacity and require others to wait outside the building. Zoom will still be available to watch classes if there is not enough space inside.
  • Properly worn masks must be worn by those attending class and anyone who is inside the building
  • Mask requirement for Musical Theater: All must wear KN95's or N94's due to the aerobic activity with singing indoors
  • Students with symptoms less than 85% resolved may not attend classes. This means very infrequent coughing, sniffling is expected. Non students waiting for students in the lobby may not wait inside if they have any cold symptoms.
  • If your child has symptoms and can not attend class: Email with a notice of this and do not return until symptoms have resolved 85% AND they have a negative rapid Covid test
  • If you discover your child has Covid and can not attend class: Email us the date of the positive test. They may not return to class until the 6th day after the positive test only if they have a negative rapid Covid test.
  • Back Yard / Play Structure Use: Only available on weekends. Weekdays the yard and structure is reserved for our after-school program