Fees & Registration



  • One two hour free trial
  • Two Sessions: Aug-Dec and Jan-June
  • Flexible Scheduling :   You may register from 1-5 days a week.

Fee Structure

  • No Registration Fee!
  • No Transportation Fee! We only pick up fromRedwood Heights, Crocker& Sequoia  Discount is available if you need to arrange your own transportation
  • Fees are per day, pick-up depends on time of dismissal
  • Payment is required for all days you are registered, whether absent or not
  • Payments are made by the first of the month
  • Deposit required equal to one month’s fees is applied to the last month of the session, so long as the session is completed
  • 25% sibling discount

To request days to register click here


Regular Dismissal Days: 

1 day/wk   $36/day

2 days/wk $36/day

3 days/wk $33/day

4 days/wk $30/day

5 days/wk $30/day

1:30 Early Dismissal Days:

1 day/wk  $54/day

2 days/wk $54/day

3 days/wk $59.50/day

4 days/wk $45/day

5 days/wk $45/day

Kinder pick-up:

Regular day-

$2.50 added/day for early arrival

Early Dismissal Days-

If earlier than 1:30 prorated regular rate charges apply 

Parent Handbook

Interested in understanding the program in more depth?  The parent handbook has everything from our goals to procedures and registration requirements.


Interested in a trial, more information, or registering?

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