Jasper always loves his time at Kids Dance. You and the rest of the staff are always so supportive and nurturing to the kids. We are so thankful for all you do.”
– Jim McSilver (Crocker Parent)

“Thank you to you and the staff. As always our girls had a wonderful time at Kids N’Dance, felt continually loved and cared for, never wanted to leave when I picked them up… If they ever run away I know where to look. As you know, I can never say enough good things about the program and all of you. Thanks for taking such good care of our children!”
– Nilofer Ahsan (Crocker Parent)

“We are so sad to have moved because there is no other afterschool program that comes close to what you guys offer. We miss you!”
-Judy Randal (former RHS parent)

“Thank YOU and the amazing team at KnD for a fabulous year!!!”
– Carrie Buckner (Crocker Parent)

“I think both she and I are so “in love” with the entire Team at Kids and Dance. I wish there was an award that I could nominate you for. A boutique service done so well because you all care so much for what you do, it shows in every way such as your impeccable attention to the personalities and development of our little precious ones. When I have a difficult day and have the pleasure of picking Christina up, my heart smiles.”
-Lisa Blakely (RHS Parent)

Our kids (ages 8 and 10) probably spend more time at Kids 'N Dance than anyone except for the owners.  We previously used multiple aftercare programs, but the kids begged to go every day of the week (we cut them off at 4).  When we go to pick them up at 6 PM, they never want to leave.

For us as working parent, Kids 'N Dance is great.  They pick up our kids at Redwood Heights School and transport them to the studio.  We have not had an issue with pick up in 3 years using the program.  The aftercare program has a nice space in the back where they do art projects, play games, etc.  During aftercare, there are different dance classes and theater opportunities that the kids can take -- our older child signs up for every possible dance class and theater class.