Circus Arts

Our Circus Arts Program

KidsnDance May 2015-1113Young or old, who hasn't wanted to run away to join the circus?  There is something magical, mysterious and awe inspiring about circuses. And now, with the growth of aerial arts, the attraction to circus arts has taken an even greater surge.  We couldn't be happier to see this trend.  Children of all levels are finding their way into circus arts and are discovering the power of their bodies, the value of mental focus, the grace and potential of new self-expression while performancing in the air and, of course, the fun of being a part of fantastical and whimsical scenes that delight audiences.  Our circus arts program's goal is to provide a nurturing space for these skills to develop and curiosity to blossom.

We want to make circus arts accessible to as many students as possible by offering affordable classes with a low student/teacher ratio. We strive to find teachers that are as passionate about teaching kids as they are about circus arts. They are highly trained and constantly plan lessons with safety in mind.  We want all students in our program to feel inspired, encouraged, and to be given the proper tools to become the best circus artist they can be.  While they may not end up running away to join a circus, training in circus arts teaches them the value of playfulness and perseverance while also exercising the body and the mind.