Music with Bonnie Level 1 (9-16 months)

Explore two-way communication with your child through music and props. Play environments encourage discovery, balance and coordination as parents learn to understand how their infant interacts and communicates with them and the world through music.
Balls, rhythm instruments, ribbons, a parachute, and scarves are all part of the fun.

Music with Bonnie Level 2 (16-28 months)

Through music and playing with instruments, dancing and movement games you will help to enhance your child's development and dexterity.  This class is also a perfect way to meet new friends, bond with family members and develop confidence in new experiences.   Little ones dance and sing to a new musical style each month including playful Latin, Rock 'n' Roll, Classical pieces and old childhood favorites.  Toddlers musical experiences are enriched with props such as balls, rhythm instruments, ribbons, parachutes, and scarves.

Music with Bonnie Level 3 (28 months-5 years)

Preschool ages children begin to exploretheir singing voice and emerging musical knowledge through rhythm, pitch, tempo and musical forms. Parent participation is optional.  These young musicians are encouraged to get their whole body involved as they dance and sing to a new musical style each month including playful Latin, Rock 'n' Roll, Classical pieces and old childhood favorites.  Of course, props add to the fun.  Balls, rhythm instruments, ribbons, a parachute, and scarves are used in unique ways to explore self expression.

Intro to Musical Theater (3-6 years)

Lion King pic 26

Musical theater comes to life through a series of engaging scenes. This is a highly supportive environment for youngsters to develop their courage to act, sing and dance. The level of challenge fits the needs of the group so that this introduction to musical theater is a positive experience for all.

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