Musical Theater

Our Musical Theater Program

While our dance program is more process based, the theater program is centered on the final product: age appropriate polished productions.   Our staff makes the most out of once a week rehearsals to produce high quality performances that might otherwise take lengthy  rehearsals.

Small casts and customized scripts ensure that all cast members are comfortably featured and challenged. Outgoing or shy, those with or without singing, dancing or acting experience, join a uniquely supportive community to develop their skills here at On Stage.

Matilda2015-173-2Whether 4 or 14, our actors experience the thrill of a  stage production with costumes, microphones and accompanying scenery. Fifteen productions are produced each season and unique friendships are forged as casts return year after year. Join a cast and learn the transformative nature of our theater program. We have witnessed growth of our cast member’s confidence, courage and independence over and over again.