2022 Oakland Camp Policies

Important 2022 Camp Information:

Payment Terms

Use of Credits: Credits you may have on account must be applied BEFORE you pay. Complete the enrollment form and then email us (info@kidsndancd.com) for us manually register your child with the credit deducted from the cost.

• Quantity Discounts  These need to be be processed manually.  Complete the enrollment form and then email to request we manually process payment for  your child with the discount applied. RETROACTIVE DISCOUNTS ARE NOT POSSIBLE. Full price must be paid on first camp and additional camps for the same camper are 5% off original cost.  1 week camps only.

• Refunds:  Refund requests must be emailed.
Spring Camps: 50% Refund by Feb 15, 2022 minus a 25.00 processing fee. Refunds after Feb 15 2021 only if we can replace you with someone from the waitlist minus a $25.00 fee

Summer Camps: Full refund before Feb. 1, 2022 minus a $25.00 fee.  50% refund by March 1, 2022 minus a 25.00 processing fee.  No refunds after March 1, 2022 unless we can find someone to take your spot.

If your child has cold symptoms, we require a documented negative Covid test before returning to camp and symptoms to be 75% better.  In this case, or if your child needs to quarantine due to possible exposure to Covid, a prorated credit will be applied to your account for the days missed. Days missed for reasons other than documented illness/quarantine needs (like family vacations) will not be eligible for credit. Again, refunds will not be provided for missed camp days.

Covid Safety

Keeping campers safe and healthy is our top priority. This is a shared responsibility that we take seriously.

Pre-Camp at Home:

  • Help your campers establish good hygiene and the habit of wearing a face covering in public.
  • Notify us with any symptoms your child might be experiencing at least 24 hours before camp.

Family Commitments to Follow Safety Guidelines

  • All families commit to following the safety guidelines issued by Alameda Public Health Dept. and the CDC. This includes but is not limited to mask wearing, limiting social gatherings as required by current county guidelines, not sending their child to attend camp if they are symptomatic, getting a negative Covid test to attend after illness, and quarantining if exposed to someone with Covid.

Staff Training:

  • All of our camp staff have been working year long in our day care implementing recommended health and safety procedures. This includes following sanitation schedules, enforcing camper Covid safe behaviors, and screening campers and themselves.  Trainings are provided regularly reinforce policies and review any changes in mandates.  Our staff is up to date with their vaccines.


Covid Safety (cont.)

Space / Facility Modifications:

  • Multiple Medical Grade HEPA/ UV-C air filtration units are distributed throughout the building and exchange the air every 15 minutes
  • UV-C sanitation lights are used nightly and as time allows during the day
  • Sanitizing stations are located throughout the facility and used every time there is a change in locations/activities
  • Only staff and campers are permitted in the building/yards

During Camp:

  • Staff and campers will be screened for symptoms and for following Covid safe habits before entering the facility each day.
  • Campers and staff must arrive with face covering. Double layer looped masks required.  A limited number of children's KN95 masks are available for purchase.
  • Campers may take off their face coverings when they are socially distanced during field  snack/meal time. We make every effort to have them eat outside when possible.
  • Staff will make sure that campers are practicing good hand hygiene habits and respiratory etiquette.
  • Spaces and supplies will be sanitized between each use.
  • Staggered lunch and break time will be implemented to promote physical distancing and sanitizing between use.
Camp Details

We know you are juggling camps and it is hard to keep track of all the details.  No worries.  We email you two weeks prior to camp to remind you of all the important details to make you and your child's experience as smooth and easy going as possible. If you have any specific questions that are not answered prior to enrollment, feel free to contact us.

No Nut Products Due to the increasing concern for campers with life threatening allergies to peanuts/tree nuts who attend our camps, all families are asked to pack lunches and snacks free of peanuts and tree nuts including those that may have traces of nuts.

Independence in Restrooms: Campers must be fully potty trained and independent in the restroom