Writing Workshop Camp

A Writing Camp at  Kids 'N Dance 'N Theater Arts?  YES!

For writers entering 4-6th grades

CREATING CHARACTERS is a Fiction Writing Camp taught by Marielle Cammarata, co-owner of Kids 'N Dance 'N Theater Arts. Previously a middle school teacher and homeschool writing workshop leader, she is excited to present a fun filled week of character creation. The workshop is filled with playful, interactive activities that demonstrate skills to create vivid scenes with believable characters. Plenty of writing and sharing time is also provided to explore the power of new strategies.  This workshop is designed for enthusiastic writers looking for an opportunity to deepen their writing skills in a supportive community.

002-26AEach Day consists of Morning Madness, a physical activity demonstrating the power of good writing, playful quick writes, cooperative writing experiences, daily writer’s toolbox lessons that can provide resources to apply to all writing. There will be time to work on a cohesive piece to culminate the week or to incorporate what is being learned into pieces already in the works. Campers will dabble in creating three dimensional characters, showing and not telling their character’s experiences in exploded scenes. Workshop time is from 9:00-1:00 and campers have the option to go swimming Monday-Thursday afternoons and will vote on their field trip of choice for Friday afternoon.

100000017_largeMarielle Cammarata, co-owner of Kids 'N Dance 'N Theater Arts and former middle school English teacher, dove into creative writing instruction as a workshop leader for homeschoolers. She found that her writers' enthusiasm and skills grew most by dissecting engaging examples, playing with techniques, and having multiple interactive writing experiences. At the heart of her program is a playful and encouraging community of friends that empower and motivate eachother to explore new ways to create characters, scenes and settings.