2024 CIT Summer Camp Options

CIT/CI Enrollment: 6th Graders and above (8:45-4:00 M-F) 1 week $215

Our CIT/CI Program is for older campers who are interested in taking on more responsibility and developing leadership skills. The degree of responsibility given is based on the initiative and skills shown by each CIT and whether they have attended our 2 hour optional training to be a Counselor Intern. Those who attend our pre-camp training are more likely to be prepared to take on more responsibility.

The CIT/CI Program is available for single or multiple weeks and has half the fees as the regular camp program.


Theater CIT: These CIT's will learn how to instruct blocking, teach choreography, run the light and sound board, and do costume selection. They will help campers memorize their lines and songs. During the show, CIT's will help backstage with costume and set changes.

Aerial/Circus CIT: These CIT's will learn how to monitor campers for safe use of the apparatuses. Those with aerial experience may teach basics on silk and lyra. We will ask them to support the teaching of clowning acts, juggling, plate spinning, and poi.

Stage Manager CIT: A special option for 14-18 yr olds to support staff in camps for older campers.

Both Theater and Circus CIT's need to be prepared to also help with camp logistics, classroom management, clean up, conflict resolution, serving snacks, help with crafts, and escorting younger campers to the rest room.


There are several opportunities throughout May for CIT's to attend a free training session. This training is NOT mandatory, however, those that complete the training will be designated as a CI (Counselor Intern) and will be more prepared to take on added responsibility. We highly recommend veteran CIT's still participate in the training so they will be able to take on the added responsibilities.

Training will include classroom management strategies, conflict resolution, emergency procedures, camp logistical support, and leadership for group games.


May 4Sat1:00-2:30
May 9Thur5:00-6:30
May 11Sat1:00-2:30
May 16Thur5:00-6:30
May 18Sat1:00-2:30
Extended Care Available Register 2 Weeks Before Camp   8:30-9:00 ($7)    4:00- 6:00($14/hr)


Enrollment Status Is Updated Manually - Numbers May Not Reflect Most Recent Sign-Ups

Camp DatesCamp TimesCampSpaces AvailableAdditional Info
June 3-79:00 - 4:00Under the Big Top Circus PerformanceFull Waitlist OnlyGrade 6th-8th
June 3-June 7 (1 wk)9:00 - 4:00Arts Camp -
2One Week - No Show
June 10-21 (2 wks)9:00 - 4:00Arts Camp
Charlie & Choc
1Two Weeks - Show
June 10-149:00 - 4:00Charlie & ChocFull Waitlist OnlyGrade 6th-8th
June 10-149:00 - 4:00Aerial Silk Circus
ages 4-8
1Grade 6th-8th
June 17-219:00 - 4:00Charlie & Choc ages 4-8Full Waitlist OnlyGrade 6th-8th
June 17-219:00 - 4:00Aerial Silk Circus
ages 1st-5th
Full Waitlist OnlyGrade 6th-8th
June 24-289:00 - 4:00Snow White ages 4-8Full Waitlist OnlyGrade 6th-8th
June 24-28 (1 wk)9:00 - 4:00Arts Camp -
Full Waitlist OnlyOne Week - No show
July 1- 12 (2 wks)9:00 - 4:00Arts Camp
Beauty and the Beast
1Two Weeks - Show
July 1-5 (4 days)9:00 - 4:00Frozen Dance Camp ages 4-82Grade 6th-8th
July 1-5 (4 days)9:00 - 4:00Aerial Silk Circus
ages 8-14
2Grade 6th-8th
July 8 -129:00 - 4:00Aerial Silk Circus
ages 4-8
1Grade 6th-8th
July 8 -12 (2 wks)9:00 - 4:00Beauty & the Beast 1st-51Grade 6th-8th
July 8 -129:00 - 4:00Beauty & the Beast 1st-5Full Waitlist OnlyGrade 6th-8th
July 15-199:00 - 4:00Annie ages 4-8 Full Waitlist OnlyGrade 6th-8th
July 22-Aug 2nd (2 wks)9:00 - 4:00Arts Camp
1Two Weeks - Show
July 22-269:00 - 4:00Annie 1st-5thFull Waitlist OnlyGrade 6th-8th
July 22-269:00 - 4:00Aerial Silk Circus
ages 1st-5th
Full Waitlist OnlyGrade 6th-8th
July 29-Aug 29:00 - 4:00Aerial Silk Circus
ages 1st-5th
1 Grade 6th-8th
Aug 5-99:00 - 4:00Tangled 4th-8th1Grade 6th-8th
Aug 5-99:00 - 4:00Aerial Silk Circus
ages 1st-5th
2Grade 6th-8th