October 12 - December 19 (9 weeks Tues-Sun 8 weeks Mon)
no class Nov. 22-28

CARDIO $135.00. 9 WEEKS (30% OFF BEFORE OCT 1. $90.00)
Aerial Arts $200.00


Illness: We require notification if your child experiences any symptoms of illness (congestion, runny nose, sore throat, stomach discomfort, headache) between classes. If your child has any symptoms of illness , they may not attend class and must quarantine for 10 days or must show evidence of a negative Covid Test or have documentation of clearance to attend from a doctor.

Sanitize: Everyone must sanitize their hands upon entering the yard or facility and after class

Masks: All students and family members inside the facility (regardless of vaccination status) must wear well fitting masks over their mouth and nose at all times. Those two and under are not required to wear a mask. No eating/drinking allowed inside. We want families to be able to observe classes from the lobby HOWEVER, if there is difficulty with mask compliance, we will have to restrict access to the facility for the safety of our students