Performing Arts Kinder School (PAKS)


Designed for Academic, Social and Creative Growth

We are proud offer our second year of our Performing Arts Kindergarten for the Fall 2022-2023 School Year. Twelve students will have to opportunity to learn, play and create together in a balanced, developmentally appropriate academic program with daily performing arts enrichment. Tuition $15,000/year.  Includes all curriculum materials. Partial scholarships available.

Balanced Academic Rigor

A developmentally appropriate, hands-on program is designed to provide solid foundational skills in literacy, math and science. One teacher and two assistants throughout the day allows for individualized instruction and monitoring of progress & growth.

Thematic Studies

Students engage in learning activities that are relevant to their lives and are a part of broad themes. Thematic studies allow students to draw connections between ideas and delve deep in their understanding.

Daily Performing Arts Program

Musical Theater, Improv, Circus Arts, Gymnastics and Dance, allow confidence, creativity and teamwork to expand. Students also develop strength, muscle control, coordination & reflexes. They push physical and emotional limits by trying new things helping them be more confident taking risks.

Community Building

Curriculum and enrichment only goes so far. Ultimately, learning is most dependent on a feeling of belonging, a feeling of safety and the development of positive relation ships with teachers, peers and their families. Our small class size of 12 students, proactive guidance of everyday interactions, and weekly social / emotional lessons promote community spirit and responsibility towards each other.  Family members are welcome to volunteer and are invited to participate in gatherings.

We Value Play

Play shouldn't have to be sidelined for kindergarteners. We value that it contributes to intellectual development: building executive functioning skills, problem solving, and sequencing skills. It enhances social development: noticing social cues, listening, and negotiating and it supports emotional growth: providing opportunities for self regulation and turn taking.

 Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We want our program to reflect the amazing diversity of the greater Oakland community. Finding common ground with those different from us can only occur when our day to day lives, friends and families reflect inclusion. We aim for our students to find it natural to discover and respect varied life experiences, family structures, religions, cultures, and socio-economic statuses.  Our curriculum, family participation, and  interactions promote this  appreciation on a daily basis.

Ideal for

Ideal for TK students ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarteners who would thrive in a smaller class

Families waiting to transfer to their preferred school

Families preferring less potential exposure to Covid

Families seeking guaranteed in person learning

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