Do we have to regIMG_2832ister for the full week? No, you can register for as little as one day, though the more days you sign up for the better the rate.

How are fees determined?
You commit to enrolling for particular days of the week. If you enroll for Tuesdays, you are invoice for all Tuesdays that occur in the up coming month, providing OUSD has students attending. You do NOT pay for OUSD days off.

If I am not using your van transportation is there a discount? 
Your discount is $2.00 off less a pro-rated half-hour off per day because we can not always guarantee our staff's arrival time.

Do you pick up for special early out days?
Yes, we do pick up on early out days and charge you accordingly.

What is the deposit for?
IMG_2712The deposit is your assurance that your child will be with us for the complete session.  The first ending  before winter break and the second ending at the close of the school year.  If you child stays with us until that time, your deposit is applied to your final invoice, or rolled over to reserve your spot for the next session. If you happen to reduce days mid-session you forfeit your deposit for the pro-rated amount equal to the reduction of days.  Adding days also adds deposit requirements.

Do we pay for days we are absent or on vacation? 
You pay for your days regardless of attendance.  If you are signed up for one day a week, for instance Tuesdays, we count up the number of Tuesdays in that given month and charge you for that amount. If your child is sick one Tuesday, you do not get a credit or a refund. You do not pay for OUSD vacation days.

Do you provide care on days OUSD is closed? 
Generally, no. You are not charged for these days.  Sometimes we do offer camps. Please let us know if you are interested in us providing a camp for upcoming days off.

IMG_2888Why are we charged for not notifying you of an absence? 
You are charged $5 every time you do not notify us of your child not coming if you take advantage of our van pick up. It is extremely challenging to track down where a missing child is when you have other students waiting that need supervision.

Are dance and theater classes included in the cost of the after school program? 
No, they are not. However, there is half off of classes if they are taken on the same day your child is enrolled in our program.  Early registration discounts do not apply to classes if you are getting the after school program discount.

What is your lice policy?

  1. Notify us when lice/nits are discovered
  2. Students will be asked to not attend our program until formal treatment with a pediculicide has started. If live louse are found, you will be asked to pick up your child.
  3. Follow the treatment protocol from the California Department of Public Health which requires the use of a pediculicide (preferably chemical), morning nit combing for two weeks and re-treatment with a pediculicide in 7-10 days if nits are still present
  4. Students will be checked (discretely) for lice every day upon arriving at KND for 10 days following treatment. If nits are discovered, we will ask children not to use the gym room or sit on the couch upstairs. It is extremely time consuming and costly for us to decontaminate our aerial silks, the hammocks, the crash mat and our upholstery. Please explain to your children that the restriction is not punishment, but to help them and their friends not get re-infested/infested.
  5. Students with longer hair are asked to wear it up, preferably in a single braid, until it is determined that re-treatment is not necessary (at least 10 days)