Theater Testimonials

Your theater teachers/directors have been top notch. - Customer Survey 2015

Lucia was very inspired by the Matilda camp and wanted to do another one immediately. We were impressed by the staff's dedication, efficiency and friendliness and that the show was put together in so little time. Not only did Lucia have a ton of fun, but she learned a lot. Thank you very much. We hope to do another day camp next summer and would appreciate being added to the mailing list. - Camp Survey 2015


My daughter has a great time at your camps. I'm always impressed by the quality of the shows they can put on after only 5 days! - Gwendolyn Feeling - Camp Survey 2015  

All four of my kids LOVED theater camp. The ages varied (Ages 5-8) and their outgoingness varied as well yet they all can't wait to go back. The instructors (Sophia and Jack) where fun and positive. This was my kids first experience with acting and they all asked to go again. I love the fact the camp is one hour longer than most and yet still very reasonable. We will definitely be back! - Sophia Sinha - Camp Survey 2015  

Amazing!!!! My child loved it!! - Anaradha Mittal - Camp Survey 2015  

The teachers do an amazing job with the students! Jaq was so enthusiastic and positive with them. She did an unbelievable job in such a short time! Ruby had a great time during the show, and she enjoyed the days leading up to the show, too. (Her only negative comment was, "It was hot!" --just on the day of the show.) Thanks! - Ruby Freedman - Camp Survey 2015  

We like the variety of Little Theater classes you offer and the engaging instructors! My daughter has raved about each teacher she's had. - Talia Kardon - Camp Survey 2015  

My daughter came home very happy on her first day of camp. I'm also impressed with the amount of work being done by young children in one week to put on a performance. -Naomi Tyler - Camp Survey 2015  

You provide a wonderful camp experience for the kids! Thank you so much. And Kathy in before and after care was very sweet and loving to the kids. It always amazes that they can put on an entertaining performance in less than a week's time. This is our third camp over the past couple years. They put on a great shows and the kids really enjoyed her class. - Sam Shimoguchi - Camp Survey 2015  

My daughter (age 7) has now taken two musical theater classes at this studio and has thoroughly enjoyed both experiences. What has really stood out to us is the relaxed vibe of this place, which we welcomed - we were not seeking a high-pressure/high-competition experience for her. Their studio transforms into a theater (with stage, curtains and lights!), which is really exciting for kids who want to feel like they're performing in a real show. (Fun for parents to witness!) Both classes my daughter took ended in a full productions, but one was a week-long summer camp (definitely more intense of the two) and the other was a 3-month, weekly class. - Survey 2014

I liked how they cast both shows, allowing all the kids to get plenty of stage time. In her second class, the instructor even allowed the kids to express which part they'd like to play, which was taken into consideration. We were pleased with the reserved seating situation at the second show, since this removed the intensity of families herding around the door to get a good seat. There weren't really any bad seats since the audience is pretty small (relatively speaking) and they use rafters to allow for a good view.  - Survey 2014

My two children have been going to Kidsndance in Oakland for 3 years of music theater classes and have loved it.  I love it because my kids receive high quality music theater instruction without the pressure and intense schedule of some playhouses.  In addition, the classes are smaller than most places, Kris is great with the kids, and she make a considerable effort to make sure that all kids are on stage a lot.  Their performances include costumes, stage props, and scene changes which add to the creativity of their performances. This is not just a place for young kids, it is also a place for older kids to enjoy music theater year round.  I highly recommend taking their music theater classes! - Survey 2014


The musical theater classes and performances are absolutely outstanding.  They have various overlapping age groups with different levels of performance challenge.  At the beginning of the 10 week session, they try out and are cast for parts.  Kris, the director, does a great job of finding the appropriate part for each kid.  The seem to work on 1 to 2 songs per week, and have a dress rehearsal and two performances at the end.  With each rendition, the musical gets better.  - Survey 2014

The 1 week summer programs are also great.  They put together a full musical in one week.  The afternoons are filled with various field trips, typically outdoors.  - Survey 2014