“Case Files” Mystery Writing Class

Grades: Focused 2nd graders - 4th graders

When: Wednesdays 5:15 - 6:15

Session: Aug 30-Dec 8th

Cost: $240 (half off for after school program families)

The Class:

Writers will write their own detective mysteries.  Authors will be the featured detective and together, with their quirky sidekick, they will investigate suspects, collect evidence and ultimately declare the mystery solved.  It won't be easy, though.  They will have red herrings, unreliable witnesses, and will have to evaluate evidence, including an anonymous note written in a quatrain poem. Use of alliteration, idioms, onomatopoeia will spice up the writing of the sleuth story for those wanting an added challenge.We will spend the first sessions deep diving into the mystery genre. Next we will develop characters, setting and conflict.  The actual writing will occur later in the session with just enough structure to allow them to integrate all of their story elements in a manageable yet creative way.

Ideally, those in the class would have at least one hour of time outside of class to complete activities.  Most of my young writers look forward to doing these “homework” items because they are invested in the process. 

This class is usually filled with excitement, laughter and bubbling creativity. It is was wildly popular during the pandemic.

Summaries of each week’s lessons and to-do items emailed weekly. 

The Instructor:

Marielle Cammarata, one of the owners of Onstage, taught middle school writing for 11 years, lead numerous elementary level homeschool writing groups and taught Zoom writing classes during the pandemic.  She has non-traditional methods for teaching writing. There is A LOT of time spent front loading concepts: categorizing and analyzing samples, playing with skills, role playing, and playing games.  Students gain a solid foundation in fundamental skills with all of this scaffolding so that the actually writing part becomes so much easier and there are specific tools to grab when they feel stuck.

Parent's Feedback:

"Thank you.   It's really wonderful to hear so much fun being had with learning. Emery is truly enjoying your sessions. Writing usually falls into two, extreme categories for people: joy or torture. I appreciate you guiding Emery towards the joy part!"

"I just wanted to say how much my daughter is enjoying your writing class! We have seen a lot of zoom attempts at teaching and I just want to say that by far you are the best. My daughter is very shy but she actually participates in your class - which is so wonderful! Thank you for being amazing."