Pinball & Pixies

Design • Create • Strategize • Invent • Play



Mechanically inclined and whimsically imaginative makers will repurpose materials to build fantastical miniature gardens with bonsai sized cozy tree houses, hidden forts or pixie dwellings. Emphasis will be placed on methods to make functional doors, latches, pulleys and lights to delight imaginary friends. Engineering principles are expanded upon on a larger scale to create and build strategically designed pinball machines and other carnival games for friends and family to enjoy at the end of camp. Campers will cooperatively plan the logistics of the carnival, supervise game playing and distribution of prizes.
Camp includes daily field trips to gather inspiration/supplies, and full afternoons of workshop time with gym room break time
Inspiration Field trips: Playland Not at the Beach, Golfland, Adventure Playground
Supply Field Trips: Creative Reuse, Nature Hikes