Oakland Winter Theater Schedule & Registration

Oakland Intro to Musical Theater: Ages 3-6

This class does NOT have a stage show. There is a mini-performance the last day of class.

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Musical theater comes to life through a series of engaging scenes. This is a highly supportive environment for youngsters to develop their courage to act, sing and dance. The level of challenge fits the needs of the group so that this introduction to musical theater is a positive experience for all.   See full description. 

Not available this session

Oakland Little Theater: Ages 4-8


Cast members learn a mini musical with all of the costumes, lights, microphones, and scenery. Everyone plays a role but they do not have the stress of having to memorize lines - many, however, do. Children will be prompted during the show if need be.  Kids are not required to be able to read. This level is intended to be fun and age appropriate. They will have one performance on stage that is approximately 45 min long. See full description. 

Show (scroll to see all 3 casts)Spots AvailableDirectorSession LengthRehearsal Day/TimeDress Rehearsal Day/TimePerformance Date/sRegister before Oct. 10Register after
Oct. 10
Theater cancelled due to Covid0ArielNov. 19-Feb 18
(no class 11/26, 12/24, 12/31)
Tuesday 4:10-5:00 2/15 2:00-4:002/22 at 4:30$265.00$290.00
Theater cancelled due to Covid0MaitlandNov. 24-Feb 23
(no class 12/1, 12/29)
Sunday 12:00-12:502/15 4:00-6:002/23 at 4:00$265.00$290.00

Oakland Youth Theater: 1st - 5th Grade

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Those in this cast have varied experience levels.  Some have been in several previous productions, others are new to theater.  Regardless of experience, all are  challenged to develop their acting and singing skills, projection techniques, and memorization capabilities because every script is customized for each cast.  See full description.

Show (scroll to see both casts)Spots AvailableDirectorSession LengthRehearsal Day/TimeDress Rehearsal Day/TimeFirst PerformanceSecond PerformanceCost before 10/10Cost after 10/10
Theater cancelled due to Covid0MaitlandNov. 20- Feb 19Wed 5:15-6:152/15 6:30-8:302/22 7:00pm2/23 2:00pm $275 save $25 $300
Theater cancelled due to Covid0KrisNov. 21- Feb 20Thursday 3:45-4:502/16 4:30-6:302/21 7:15pm2/22 2:00pm$275 save $25 $300

 Oakland Tween / Teen Theater: 5th - 9th Grade


This is a class for children who are ready for a much larger commitment. Cast members work on the development of character, accents, vocal techniques, presentation, and dance skills. These musicals include 10 or more songs with more challenging choreography.  Actors are expected to come with solos memorized... See full description.

Show (scroll to see both casts)Spots AvailableDirectorSession LengthRehearsal Day/TimeNo RehearsalDress Rehearsal Day/TimeFirst Performance 2nd PerformanceBefore Nov. 1, 2019After Nov. 1, 2019
Theater cancelled due to Covid0MaitlandJan. 8-April 22
Wednesdays 15 wks
Wed 6:30-7:45No class 4/14/18 3:00-5:004/25 4:304/25 4:00$435 15wks$410 15wks
Theater cancelled due to Covid0KrisJan. 7-April 21
Tuesdays 15 wks
Tues 5:00-6:15
No class 3/314/18 6:00-8:00 4/25 7:15pm
4/26 2:00pm$435 15wks
$410 15wks


ADULT Musical Theater

Our adult musical theater program launched when loyal families requested the option. After years of watching their kids on our stage, parents decided they wanted to trade places and have the stage experience for themselves.  Our first session was a wild success with two over-sold shows.  Back now for the second session, adults of all levels are welcome to join.

ShowSpots AvailableDirectorSession LengthRehearsal Day/Time2 Dress Rehearsals Day/TimePerformances

Cost No Class
Anything Goes1 spots leftKrisAug. 15-Dec 5Tuesday 6:30-8:30
12/3 2:30-4:30 & 6:00-8:00
12/8, 7:15
12/9 2:30 & 7:00
12/10 2:30pm
$49910/31 and 11/21