FAQ On Site Camp Regulations


Are camps allowed to decide on their own if they want to open?
No. They are bound by county regulations.
Can on-site camps in Alameda run for the general public?
YES, however camps must run for 3 weeks and be limited to 12 campers staying in one location. Those campers are not allowed to participate in any other group activities while enrolled.
What regulations are required to run camps?
See here, but generally, camps can serve no more than 12 campers, be in one location not shared with other campers, and must have the same instructor.
When will regulations change?
This is unknown. County regulations can supersede state guidelines if they are more strict. Thus far, Alameda County seems to be erring on the side of caution.  When the governor changes state guidelines, the county reviews their own and publicizes them. The guidelines change based on how well areas are performing with testing capacity, PPE availability, infection and death trends.  Data  is a moving target... you can't predict how it will change.