Party Themes

Your Choices Are Almost Endless

Selecting a theme: When you book your party, we will ask for your chosen theme. Have your child help you choose the one they’d most enjoy. If there are more than five dance options for a given theme, be prepared to tell us the dances you prefer. Scroll all the way down for a complete listing for all ages.

Dance Adventure Themes

For ages 3-6: After hearing a story encompassing all of the dances you have selected, guests are guided through dance adventure of that same story complete with different costumes for each dance.

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Dance Routine Themes 

For ages 6+: Dance routines includes one-hour of combination dances taught to five different songs. Costumes are brought out for kids that choose to add a little pizzazz!

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Gymnastic & Circus Arts Theme 

For ages 6+: Includes one-hour of activities on our aerial and gymnastics equipment.   Free play in our gym room, learn a trapeze trick, learn an aerial silk trick, and have fun going through a maze of gymnastic stations. Finally perform some silly clowning acts.

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Musical Theater Themes 

For ages 6+: Think it is impossible to teach kids a series of choreographed songs in an hour? We manage it and kids feel they are ready to hit the stage, especially when the costumes are pulled out!

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