Box Office

Ticket Purchase

Thank you so much for supporting the hard work of our amazing performers. Proceeds from tickets sales help make these productions possible. It pays for hours of extra preparation of sets, added tech staff, back stage support, professional lights and microphones and edited video footage emailed to you.  Theater class costs would be prohibitive for many families if we couldn't count on ticket sales.

All ticketed shows are at out Oakland Location
3840 Macarthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94619

Families of cast members receive 2-4 free tickets (depending on registration terms) which are assigned by lottery. Additional tickets sold are located outside of the free ticket zone.

Seats 15 & 30 are reserved for wheelchairs - call to purchase


Up Coming Shows

Little Theater Tickets:   $3.00 Children & $5.00 Adult
Youth and Teen cast shows:   $5.00 Children & 7.00 Adult
School cast shows:   7.00 Adult & Children
Adult cast shows:   7.00 Adult & Children

Theater Shows
Little Theater Oz!
(Sunday cast) 11/4 7:00pm
(Tuesday cast) 11/10 4:30pm
(Wednesday cast) 11/11 4:00pm

Youth Theater Oz!
(Wednesday cast) 11/10 at 7:00pm & 11/11 at 2:00pm
(Thursday cast) 11/9 at 7:00pm & 11/10 at 2:00pm
(Hillcrest cast) 11/11 at 6:00pm
(Montclair) 12/16 at 4:30pm
(Kaiser) 12/16 at 7:00pm

Simba the King
Lafayette cast (Monday Little Theater) 12/2 at 2:00pm
Lafayette cast (Tuesday Youth Theater) 12/2 at 4:30pm

Mamma Mia Here We Go Again
(Adult cast) Dec. 8, 7:30pm Dec 9, 2:00pm
(Teen cast) Dec. 14, 7:30pm Dec 15, 4:00pm
to purchase tickets and reserve your seat click the the above
(reserved seating only)