Oakland Summer Dance Camps

Aerial Circus Arts Camp: Ages 1st-5th grade or 4-7 yrs old (7 hrs/day) 1 week $360

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Run away and join the circus....for a week. Campers explore Static Trapeze, Aerial hoop, Aerial Silk, Plate Balancing, Juggling, Clowning Skits, and Acrobatics. Fun filled opportunities are given to improve gymnastic skills by use of gymnastic stations and traveling through epic obstacle courses.  On the silk, students will learn tricks while the silk is tied in a hammock for safety climbing will be taught to those that seem ready.  This is circus camp is for all skill levels and no prior experience is necessary. One snack provided.  Final performance at the end of the week.

Dance Adventures: Ages 3*-5   (3 hrs/day)  1 week  $190

   Ariels Musical Ballet Mar 2014-1651

Our magical dance experience becomes a week long adventure.  Story dances are the highlight of each day. Once costumes are on, the journey unfolds as dancers are guided  through a living story.  Imaginary realms continue to be explored acting and singing in musical theater scenes.   In addition, campers have free time fun in out gymnastic room with circus equipment, rope swings, and elastic hammocks.  Crafts made in our art room help to bring the camp experience home.  Outdoor time and one snack is provided. Final performance at the end of the week.* Campers must be potty trained and independent in the restroom

SAMPLE DANCE ADVENTURE DAY SCHEDULE: This schedule varies and flexibility is built in for the needs of each group of campers

  • 9:00-9:45      Gym Room time
  • 9:45-10:30    Dance Class with new costumed story dance each day
  • 10:30-11:15   Craft Time in our Art Room
  • 11:15-11:30   Snack & Outdoor Fun
  • 11:30-12:00  Musical Scenes or Dance Games


Extended Care Available Register 2 Weeks Before Camp   8:30-9:00 ($5)     12:00 1:00 ($10)     4:00- 6:00($10/hr)


• Multiple Camp Discount: Only available when paying for camps all at once and must be enrolled via our office •

Oakland Dance Aerial Circus Arts Quick-View & Enrollment Status

Camp DatesCamp TimesCampSpaces AvailableAdditional Info
June 11-15 NEW9:00 - 4:00Aerial & Circus Arts WAIT LIST ONLYages 4-7 years
June 18-229:00 - 4:00Aerial & Circus Arts WAIT LIST ONLYages 1st-5th grade
July 2-6 (no 4th)9:00 - 4:00Aerial & Circus Arts WAIT LIST ONLYages 5-8 years
Aug 6 – 109:00 - 4:00Aerial & Circus Arts WAIT LIST ONLYages 1st-5th grade

Oakland Dance Camp Quick-View & Enrollment Status

Camp DatesCamp TimesCampSpaces AvailableAdditional Info
June 11-159:00 - 12:00TrollsFULL Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)
June 18 - 229:00 - 12:00Trolls3Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)
June 25 - 299:00 - 12:00My Little Pony8Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)
July 2 – 6 no 4th9:00 - 12:00Princess Adventures12Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)
July 9 – 139:00 - 12:00Unicorns and Fairies7Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)
July 16 – 209:00 - 12:00I'm Moana, You're Welcome8Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)
July 23– 279:00 - 12:00Trolls11Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)
July 30 – Aug 39:00 - 12:00Princess Tales11Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)
August 6 – 109:00 - 12:00Snow Queen-A Frozen Adventure7Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)
August 13 – 189:00 - 12:00I'm Moana, You're Welcome6Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)
August 20 – 249:00 - 1:00Trolls11Dance, Gymnastics & Musicals (Ages 3-5)

• Multiple Camp Discount: Only available when paying for camps all at once and must be enrolled via our office •

Important 2018 Camp Info:

Payment Terms

• Deposits: For your convenience,  a non-refundable $50 deposit will reserve your child's space in a camp.  The balance will automatically be charged April 2nd  unless written/emailed notice is provided by April 1st. No deposits accepted after April 1st.


• Sibling/Quantity Discount:  CAN ONLY BE APPLIED IF REGISTERED THROUGH THE OFFICE. THESE ONLY APPLY TO MULTIPLE CAMPS PURCHASED AT THE SAME TIME. RETROACTIVE DISCOUNTS ARE NOT POSSIBLE. Full price must be paid on first camp and additional camps are 5% off original cost.  Not possible with early registration discount.

• Refunds:  Refund requests must be emailed. Full refunds are granted if notice is provided before March 1.  50% refunds are offered if notice is provided before  April 1, minus a $25.00 processing fee. No refunds after April 1.

• Exchanges: If your child is ill, you may switch to another camp if space is available with at least 24 hour notice before the start of camp. You must attend during summer 2018. We will not exchange camp registration for classes into the fall session.


Two weeks prior to your child's camp an electronic registration form will be emailed to you.  It is very important that this get completed by the weekend before your child's camp begins.  It is our means for collecting all emergency contact information, special need requirements, liability releases and it provides vital information that will help make your child's camp experience the best and safest possible. Avoid lengthy check-in delays by completing these forms by the deadline.      
Chelseas Musical Ballet Gym Mar 2014 -1157                                                                                                                           
Camp Details

We know you are juggling camps and it is hard to keep track of all the details.  No worries.  We email you two weeks prior to camp to remind you of all the important details to make you and your child's experience as smooth and easy going as possible. If you have any specific questions that are not answered prior to enrollment, feel free to contact us.

No Nut Products Due to the increasing concern for campers with life threatening allergies to peanuts/tree nuts who attend our camps, all families are asked to pack lunches and snacks free of peanuts and tree nuts including those that may have traces of nuts. Please be careful to read labels.

Independence in Restrooms: All campers must be potty trained and self-sufficient in restrooms.